Training Subscriptions and Credits


Rapid changes in the business and technology landscapes today place tremendous demands on your IT organization to keep up. Driving proficiency with Postgres will be critical to your success.

One of the many challenges your organization faces is to provide a robust training and continuous education program to grow the Postgres knowledge and skills of your teams.

Figuring out how to pay for it should not be one of them.


EDB Postgres Training eSubscription

Learning made easy wtih flexible access to training materials

An EDB Postgres Training eSubscription simplifies how you and your organization purchase and consume training. This program provides you with unlimited access to the entire EDB library of on-demand eLearning content so you can learn and develop Postgres skills based upon a schedule that's convenient for YOU, including:

  • Cost effective plans
  • Training for all phases of deployment
  • Role-based courses and materials
  • Unlimited access to an extensive On-Demand library
  • Simplified administration through our learning management system (LMS)

Motivate your team to continue to learn new skills and fast-track Postgres initiatives in an efficient and effective manner with an EDB Postgres Training eSubscription.

Download the Data Sheet: EDB Postgres Training eSubscription


EDB Postgres Training Credits

Easy training budget allocation with volume purchase discounts

EDB Postgres Training Credits allow you to streamline the process of spending and consuming your training budget. Simply engage with finance/accounting to procure your funds ("credits"). After that, you and your department control how to allocate and consume those credits most effectively with:

  • Flexible access to training courses and modes
  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Simplified administration through our learning management system (LMS)

Give your teams the flexibility to get the right training at the right time throughout the year without the hassle of cumbersome procurement procedures.

Download the Data Sheet: EDB Postgres Training Credits