Customer Success Stories

ABN AMRO Clearing: Financial Systems on Postgres Plus

ABN AMRO Clearing is a recognized global leader in derivatives and equity clearing and one of the few companies that can offer global market access and clearing services on more than 85 of the world’s financial exchanges. The company operates from 12 locations worldwide and supports more than 16 million trades per day.

Reducing operating costs while ensuring functionality, security and availability are key challenges for organizations today and ABN AMRO Clearing is no exception. To reduce costs, the company instituted a global policy to use open source solutions wherever it’s feasible. The freedom from vendor lock-in that comes from using open source was attractive too. The company builds many of its...

People’s Postcode Lottery addresses IT challenges with Postgres

People’s Postcode Lottery, an external lottery manager raising funds for charities, solves its expansion constraints by replacing Oracle with Postgres Plus Advanced Server to support greater scalability across multiple regions. 

Supporting charities and good causes one ticket at a time

People's Postcode Lottery manages multiple society lotteries promoted by different charities supporting a range of good causes including British Red Cross, Dogs Trust, Maggie’s, Missing People, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and WWF-UK. To date, players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised more than £49.3million (US $62 million) for charity.

The Challenge...

EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Cloud Database Strikes a Chord with WholeWorldBand

The Company

WholeWorldBand aims to transform the music business with its collaborative online music and video platform for musicians. Based in Dublin, Ireland, the venture-backed company is the brainchild of musician and music video director Kevin Godley. Godley is best known for his role in the 1970s with the English art rock band 10cc and his 1986 Grammy Award nomination for his work on the concert video, The Police: Synchronicity Concert.

The Business

WholeWorldBand’s cloud-based platform and mobile app enables musicians to post content – music and videos – and open it to members who pay to collaborate by providing new audio or video components or remixing...

EnterpriseDB helps Van Genechten to Cope with Competitive Pressure

With a tradition going back to 1834, the Van Genechten Group is one of Belgium’s most successful privately owned companies. Its Packaging Division is one of Europe’s leading vendors of premium packaging products with production sites in seven countries. In 1975 the Van Genechten Group established Imas as an autonomous subsidiary to run all of its IT-operations. Currently Imas employs 20 people, developers, IT-administrators, and project managers. The packaging industry is characterized by comparatively low profit margins per unit and IT plays a crucial role in enabling Van Genechten Packaging to provide its customers with premium products in a flexible and efficient way against a competitive price. Fulfilling that crucial...

Data-intensive transactions – which is the right database technology?

Cost savings with PostgreSQL: efficient resource allocation through alternative database technology

Gallinat-Service GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gallinat-Bank AG and, as a group-owned service provider, manages the areas of asset backed securities, factoring and structured corporate finance both for external clients and for all the companies within the parent group of Gallinat Bank AG, the ALBIS Leasing Group. The ten-member Gallinat Service Team has developed its own Java-based software platform to meet all monitoring and processing requirements relating to ABS and factoring transactions: The epAAA securitization software, certified by BDO to PS 880, is financial software used in banking for posting, settlement...