Customer Quotes

"The Architectural Health Check that they took us through was a great experience."
Rick Meijer

"Our PostgreSQL solution allowed us to reduce our IT spend 75% over the prior self-hosted AIX and Sybase solution and allowed improved information sharing seamlessly between our many offices."

"Controlling costs and maintaining the ability to leverage our previous technology investments were critical factors in the selection of EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server."
Justin Codd
Senior DBA

"EnterpriseDB became part of the Bio-Imaging design team and helped us to make valuable improvements to our replication design."
Emmanuel Olart
Manager, Technical Services

"We want to move off Oracle to 100% Postgres to consolidate our skill set and products used. With PostgreSQL things just work and are much easier to administer than Oracle including replication. I was also surprised at how robust the query planner and optimizers are compared to Oracle when our performance testing found PostgreSQL to be faster. "
Charles Rosenberg
Systems Architect

"Open Source PostgreSQL delivers value, a large supportive community, vendor independence, a stable, supported, enterprise grade, relational db engine for our applications. PostgreSQL will be the foundation for what we do in development on a go forward basis."
Ed Krupka

"EnterpriseDB's support team has consistently exceeded my expectations, going beyond the call to help us resolve any issues."
Chris Fewtrell
Systems Development Manager

"We can provide everything necessary to move a customer's infrastructure out to a hosted environment and manage their applications. In many cases, the proper management and operation of the database is one of their key concerns. And while the benefits of managed hosting are becoming obvious to the marketplace, it only works if we can guarantee that the database will operate optimally and cost effectively."
Matthew Porter

"We offer Postgres Plus Advanced Server to our hosting customers as our enterprise level open source database to keep their database costs under control. We're extremely pleased with all the benefits of Postgres Plus Advanced Server, and have found EnterpriseDB to be a responsive and reliable technology partner"
Tony Hendrell
VP Data Center

"With Postgres Plus Advanced Server, we found a solution that not only provided exceptional performance, but made it easy to migrate existing data, and … we were better able to control software costs."
Steve Akers