Contegix provides enterprise class managed hosting for EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus

Contegix is an award winning managed hosting provider with a hard-won reputation for reliable hosting and passionate, proactive support that gives clients absolute peace of mind. The company’s flagship service - Beyond Managed Hosting™ provides comprehensive management solutions on a simple, monthly fee plan. The solution encompasses dedicated support for all hardware and operating systems, deploying and configuring software, and complete licensing management.
In addition to managing lots of their own data central to their hosting business, Contegix's business model also required a best of breed database to recommend to hosted infrastructure and applications customers demanding a lower cost database offering.
The Challenge: Support Customers Using Open Source Products
In the mid-2000s, a major airline using Contegix for its hosting, wanted to use PostgreSQL as the database for its application. In order for Contegix to offer the deep managed services its customers had become accustom to and relied on, Contegix was not satisfied with just using the open-source bits and providing its customers best effort support backed by what the community could offer. Its customers host applications where millions of dollars may be lost if they are down for periods as short as minutes. Contegix needed a vendor to support them, but not just any vendor, it needed a partner that had a vested interest in Contegix's livelihood.
The Solution: Partner with EnterpriseDB
Contegix looked at the vendors offering support for PostgreSQL and after careful review, selected EnterpriseDB to partner with to deliver the quality services and support its customers could depend on. EnterpriseDB's expertise with PostgreSQL, supported Postgres Plus product offerings, and leadership in the community separated them from the competition. EnterpriseDB provides backline support for Contegix's staff to address code issues, security updates, performance, scaling and much more.
PostgreSQL at Contegix Today
As a result of the partnership, Contegix was able to not only solve the major airline's challenge of using PostgreSQL, but also put in place a supported Postgres Plus offering available to all its customers. Contegix offers hosting for customers using their choice of database, open-source or not, and with Postgres Plus, Contegix offers customers wishing to use PostgreSQL an option that gives them added value features and world-class support backed by EnterpriseDB. The combination of features that Postgres Plus offers with the support Contegix and EnterpriseDB provide differentiates the offering from the competition.