PostgreSQL Performance Management

Most large-scale production database infrastructures involve multiple servers, multiple cores per CPU, gigabytes of memory and terabytes of disk storage. Databases deployed to serve specific applications and user communities frequently evolve into much larger, more strategic resources servicing new applications and multiple end user populations. DBAs and IT managers are continually challenged to meet application performance expectations in the face of this increasing demand, and to scale that performance reasonably as database usage evolves.

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PostgreSQL Performance Tuning

Postgres Enterprise Manager contains a variety of tools to help you perfect your PostgreSQL performance. To start, the Tuning Wizard configures your initial database configuration dependant the on the type of loads expected (Read, Write, Read and Write) and machine utilization for the database (all or shared with other applications). 

Performance dashboards use multiple data probes to report back on the performance of the underlying operating system as well as the  database. Armed with charts and tables of data you can accurately pin point sensitive times or processes causing issues.  

Postgres Expert is a DBA-in-a-box that detects best practice deviations in database configuration parameters, schema design, and security profiles of your Postgres installations and then provides recommended settings based on best practices.  

Index Advisor recommends and/or deploys new single or composite table indexes based on specific troublesome queries you feed it.  

The SQL Profiler captures complex SQL workloads on-demand or on-schedule overnight and allows multiple views of performance data to quickly find resource hogging queries in need of improvement.  EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager is included in a EDB Postgres Standard database subscription for PostgreSQL.

The Log Analyzer Expert helps discover upcoming or unseen problems that only a targeted post-processing analysis can find in your database logs.

Performance Optimization in EDB Postgres Advanced Server

A database subscription for EDB Postgres Advanced Server also includes EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager and all its performance tools. In addition, Advanced Server comes with additional built-in database features designed to boost application performance.  Query optimizer hints allow developers and DBAs to alter execution plans chosen by the optimizer because they may know information about their data that the optimizer does not know - for instance that a particular index is better for certain queries. Optimized table partitioning that performs well into thousands of partitions and order of magnitude better than PostgreSQL. Developer tools for faster data processing include: special array handling constructs, user defined object types, and pre-defined re-usable function packages.

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Architectural Health Check Service (AHC)

AHC, EDB's most popular packaged service, delivers a three-day, comprehensive review of your PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres ADvanced Server database environment. During the AHC review, EDB experts analyze database configuration parameters, hardware and operating system resources, and application type and data usage patterns. Following the review, we provide you with high-impact recommendations on how to configure, tune and optimize your database.

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Below are resources that will help IT managers learn more about how organizations are leveraging EDB's performance tuning and scaling solutions today, as well as educational content for technologists about creating and deploying high performance PostgreSQL databases.

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