Useful Resources on Database Compatibility

Useful Resources for Lowering Your Oracle® Costs

IT Managers  DBAs, Architects, and Developers


Optimizing Open Source for Greater Database Savings


This paper looks at some of the database related pressures affecting IT deployments today and details how open source database solutions can help.


What is Database Compatibility?

Watch this 12 minute video and discover exactly what database compatibility for Oracle® means from your business, technical, and skills points of view. Created for DBAs, Developers, and IT Managers/Architects, this presentation looks at support for SQL extensions, various features, the PL/SQL language, and tools.

Oracle Migration/Conversion Assessment


Accelerate your evaluation of Oracle alternatives and define a clear path to savings. Find out in days the best strategy and likelihood of success for bringing Postgres Plus Advanced Server into your Oracle environment.

Database Compatibility for Oracle Developer's Guide


This online documentation is an in-depth reference of the database compatibility features, functions, interfaces and utilities available in Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

Delivering Database Compatibility


This EnterpriseDB white paper provides an overview of the five key areas of database compatibility for Oracle provided by Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

Oracle Migration: Pitfalls and Promise


Read why past migration tools and strategies fail and why it is still so difficult for organizations to move from one database technology to another.