Database Compatibility Technology for Oracle®

Postgres Plus Advanced Server® Delivers Database Compatibility for Oracle

EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server delivers a comprehensive compatibility solution. Organizations use Advanced Server to safely, quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Build, deploy and manage new applications and databases at a fraction of the cost of Oracle, while leveraging all of their existing Oracle skills.
  • Replicate data from production Oracle databases to Postgres Plus to support reporting and business intelligence applications.
  • Migrate existing applications from Oracle to Postgres Plus.

PostgreSQL Foundation

The foundation of Postgres Plus Advanced Server is PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database. Hardened by more than 20 years of use in large-scale production systems and supported by a proven open source development community, PostgreSQL is renowned for its high performance transaction processing capabilities. In recent years, the addition of optimized indexing and searching algorithms have made PostgreSQL an equally effective solution for query-intensive and mixed-load applications. At its core, PostgreSQL supports all of the enterprise-class capabilities found in commercial DBMS products, making it the ideal foundation for Postgres Plus Advanced Server's database compatibility solutions.

Deep Database Compatibility for Oracle

Postgres Plus Advanced Server implements a comprehensive suite of database compatible functionality within and around the core PostgreSQL engine, including:

  • Simple and complex data structures
  • Oracle SQL syntax and semantics
  • Functions and Packages
  • PL/SQL (extensive support)
  • Popular Oracle database utilities and interfaces
  • Bi-directional database replication services 

Then we add familiar Oracle tools like EDB*Plus, EDB*Loader, EDB*Wrap, a runtime instrumentation package and more.  The combination of its PostgreSQL core and rich database capabilities make Postgres Plus Advanced Server the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in IT shops that use Oracle. Global organizations such as Sony and NTT have significantly reduced their Oracle database costs using Postgres Plus, and so can you.

"Sounds great, but what do you really mean by database compatibility?"  


What Should I Do Now?

Depending on your business needs and timing considerations, we recommend the following next steps:

"Controlling costs and maintaining the ability to leverage our previous technology investments were critical factors in the selection of EDB Postgres Advanced Server over Oracle."

Justin Codd
Senior DBA

Sony Saves Money and Time with Postgres Plus

"Eighty percent of our applications don't have to be rewritten to work on EDB."

David Manifold
Director Database Services
Sony Online Entertainment