EDB Postgres Advanced Server for Linux on IBM Power Systems

Open source innovation meets business-ready security, performance and tools

IT managers and business leaders rely on high-performing, highly scalable database solutions to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market. While an open source design can offer flexibility and compatibility, database administrators must also maintain data in a verifiably secure environment that protects data throughout the business. Budget concerns are just as important. IT managers must implement database solutions that lead to a lower total cost of ownership yet still have access to the most advanced features and powerful administrative and development tools.

EDB's open-source based database, EDB PostgresTM Advanced Server, is available for Linux on IBM Power Systems, bringing a cost-effective, enterprise-class solution to CIOs and IT managers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 7 and POWER8 based on Little Endian. Running EDB Postgres Advanced Server on POWER8 offers roughly 2x higher performance over Intel-based systems for OLTP applications, high performance multi-threading, more cache and greater data bandwidth, while little endian mode removes application portability barriers.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server delivers significant enhancements to community PostgreSQL in the area of security, scalability and performance, and most importantly, it enables strategic migrations off of Oracle due to comprehensive Oracle compatibility features. 

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To install EDB Postgres Enterprise Edition on IBM Linux on Power 8 LE (Little Endian) with RHEL/CentOS 7 using Yum using the repository RPM edb-repo. Once installed, edit the .repo file to enable the required repositories and enter your username/password for yum.enterprisedb.com. For more details, please review the Advanced Server Installation Guide.


Oracle® Compatibility with EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Our compatibility technology lets you to maintain your investment in Oracle skills and practices at a much lower TCO using multiple strategies including new deployments, replication for reporting, and migrating non-critical applications.

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Simple Migration with EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Secure and scalable, EDB Postgres Advanced Server is designed with built-in Oracle compatibility. Run your current Oracle applications unchanged against EDB Postgres Advanced Server and replicate Oracle databases to EDB Postgres Advanced Server for reporting systems or other purposes. Benefit from a simple, safe migration path that includes business-ready security. EDB Postgres Advanced Server supports 12 development languages, further easing migration from a variety of other database development environments.

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White Paper

Learn about the benefits of EDB Postgres Advanced Server database on Linux on IBM Power Systems.

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Linux on IBM Power Systems for EDB Postgres Advanced Server