EnterpriseDB® Community Contributors

EnterpriseDB is proud to sponsor and work with the best and brightest of the PostgreSQL and general database communities at large. EDB team members include more high-level Postgres experts than any other single organization. The company supports their contributions to open source Community PostgreSQL alongside their work on EDB Postgres products and services.

It is with their expertise and deep knowledge of Postgres that we are able to make significant contributions to the community version of PostgreSQL as well as EDB's Postgres Plus line of products. In addition, their knowledge also helps fine-tune our services offerings including software subscriptions, training, technical support and consulting services.

Amit Kapila, Database Architect

At EnterpriseDB, Amit emphasizes database internals and workload management in EDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server and is a technical team leader. A 15-year database veteran, Amit has developed deep expertise in PostgreSQL, Oracle, and in-house in-memory databases. Amit participates actively in developing PostgreSQL and reviewing new features. He has also worked on integrating in-memory storage engine, integrated the Redo-Replication solution to PostgreSQL-based code, and improved the Oracle performance by doing statement caching.

Ashesh Vashi, Senior Software Architect

Ashesh works mainly on tools for administration, configuration and monitoring tools for PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server as a Senior Software Architect at EnterpriseDB. He has been active with pgAdmin and pgAgent since 2008 and is a committer for both pgAdmin and pgAgent because of his contributions and expertise on these PostgreSQL Community projects. He was also one of the original developers of the PostgreSQL one-click installers that EnterpriseDB introduced to ease PostgreSQL downloads.

Bruce Momjian, Senior Database Architect

Bruce Momjian is a co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996 as a committer and community leader. He is a frequent speaker and Postgres evangelist and travels worldwide appearing at conferences to help educate the community on the business value of Postgres advances and new technology enhancements. He is the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, published by Addison-Wesley. 

Dave Page, Vice President, Chief Architect, Tools and Installers

Dave Page has been working on PostgreSQL since 1998, and is a member of the project's Core Team. He’s also Chairman of the Board of the PostgreSQL Community Associate of Canada, which provides stewardship for community assets such as domain names and trademarks, and is a Director of PostgreSQL Europe, which seeks to promote PostgreSQL across Europe. He is the Project Lead for pgAdmin. Dave has been a longtime PostgreSQL hacker and his work at EDB taps into his strengths in installers and admin tools.

Devrim Gündüz, Principal Systems Engineer

At EnterpriseDB, Devrim specializes in clustering, high availability and replication solutions for Postgres Plus Advanced Server as well as architecting large-scale deployments for enterprise customers. As a contributor to the PostgreSQL Community, Devrim is the lead maintainer of the PostgreSQL YUM repository, and contributes to other PostgreSQL-related projects.

Kevin Grittner, Database Architect

Kevin Grittner has over 40 years experience in the computer industry and managed his own consulting firm for 26 years. Kevin is a committer for the PostgreSQL Community. As a developer, he contributed to the development of Serializable Snapshot Isolation (SSI) for PostgreSQL as well as basic support for materialized views and standard conforming string literals. He has also worked on improvements in performance for several areas, most notably vacuums, hash joins, TOAST data, the money type and square root calculations.

Korry Douglas, Senior Database Architect

Korry has been with EDB for 10 years, most recently working on security, virtual private databases, partitioning, sharding, connectors, and performance enhancements. His primary contributions to the PostgreSQL community are in the areas of procedural language debuggers, profilers and plugin support as well as performance analysis tools. He has authored multiple books on PostgreSQL and has been co-author of books on Linux and MySQL.

Muhammad Usama, Database Architect

Muhammad manages pgpool-II development at EDB and also is a pgpool committer for the PostgreSQL Community. He has made significant contributions to the pgpool project, including its implementation of PostgreSQL memory and exception manager for the multiple releases and other refactorings. 

Robert M. Haas, Vice President, Chief Database Architect

Robert leads the development of core advances of EDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server database. A 15-year database industry veteran, Robert is a major contributor to PostgreSQL.  He has developed numerous major features for PostgreSQL, including unlogged tables, index-only scans, join removal, the first version of PostgreSQL's JSON parser, and numerous read and write scalability improvements. In addition to his own development work, he has served as reviewer and committer for many major features developed by others, including foreign tables, logical decoding, replication slots, event triggers, security-barrier views and sepgsql.

Thom Brown, Engineering Project Manager

As the Engineering Project Manager, Thom coordinates and schedules the project work of the engineering team, manages any escalated issues related to community PostgreSQL and EDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server, and liaises with the support, release, test and change management teams. His activities in the PostgreSQL community include responding to user questions relating to feature use, configuration and performance, testing new feature patches, and providing input to development discussions.