Postgres Enterprise Manager™

Monitor, manage and tune Postgres databases easily!

DBAs who use Postgres Enterprise Manager will benefit from increased productivity, ease-of-use, data integration, and dashboards tailored to their unique Postgres infrastructure. Easily and effectively monitor, alert, manage and tune large numbers of Postgres database servers from an integrated, customizable graphical console. No other tool allows a single DBA to care for more databases than Postgres Enterprise Manager!

Custom monitoring probes
Rich alerting rules including time-of-day control
Log Analysis Expert to report on key usage statistics
Easy setup with auto-discovery of managed servers
Flexible remote monitoring capabilities

Postgres Enterprise Manager QT

The only full featured database infrastructure monitoring package for Postgres installations. Designed and built by Postgres community experts, no other tool monitors what really matters like Postgres Enterprise Manager.


Adding instances to monitor and alert is simple with auto-discovery of database servers.

Runs Out-of-the-Box

225+ pre-configured probes designed by community experts monitor instantly.

Web Client

Access your monitoring data anytime anywhere from any browser enabled device.

Alert Management

Pre-defined & custom alerts auto-notify you of issues via SMTP or SNMP alerts.

Custom Probes

Add to the 225+ ready to use out-of-the-box probes by creating your own.

Personalized Alerts

Configure alert recipients by low/medium/high priority and by time of day.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your database servers remotely without having to install a local monitoring agent.

Custom Dashboards

You can create views reflecting mission critical metrics specific for your installation.

Versatile Charts

Time period zoom, drill down chart data and graphs, and cross hierarchy views.


All the essential Postgres management tools together in an easy-to-use environment. Postgres Enterprise Manager enables a single DBA to easily manage more databases than any other tool of its kind.

Graphical Console

Manage all your database objects and work with data from a point and click GUI.

Postgres Expert

Best practice suggestions for configurations, schema design and security.

Audit Manager

Manages the fine grained auditing features in Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

Log Manager

Configure multiple databases at once and view consolidated log results.

Log Analysis Expert

Analyze a variety of statistics on locks, queries and more collected by the Log Manager.

Team Support

Manage users views and access to servers by roles for added security.

Enterprise Design

Distributed architecture for flexible and efficient 'management en masse' of large installations.

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Capacity Manager

Provides formal trend analysis reports for storage and hardware plans.

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A variety of tools tackles every aspect of Postgres tuning for both DBAs and Developers, and for single simple queries to multiple complex jobs run in batch.  

Performance Dashboards

At-a-glance views for I/O, storage, memory, user/session activity, and wait stats.

Tuning Wizard

Configures machine utilization and application workload settings for each database.

Index Advisor

Recommends and deploys new table indexes based on specific troublesome queries.

Performance Diagnostics

Use a Session Wait Analysis Dashboard to view current wait events for Advanced Server.

SQL Profiler

An efficient tool for troubleshooting and optimizing slow SQL jobs.

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Developers will appreciate Postgres Enterprise Manager for server side programming and debugging in a GUI as well as getting help in finding and optimizing slow running SQL.

Query Tool

Construct SQL queries by hand or using a drag and drop GUI editor.

SQL Debugger

Easily step through server side stored procedures and triggers in yourSQL code.

SQL Profiler

Quickly find and optimize slow running SQL commands in large SQL jobs.

Import Tools

Quickly build up new database schemas to test your applications.

Data Grid

Developers can view table data, or view and update with proper permissions.


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Postgres Enterprise Manager 6.0


What's New
• Integration with Nagios monitoring

• Ability to monitor and drive EDB Postgres Failover Manager

• Native replication setup, config and deployment
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Postgres Enterprise Manager Datasheet

Webinar: DBA Best Practices: A day in a life of an EDB Postgres

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to efficiently manage high availability, backup and recovery, and database performance in Postgres using the EDB Postgres Management Tool Suite.

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