EDB Failover Manager

Fault tolerant database clusters to minimize downtime.

EDB Failover Manager adds fault tolerance to database clusters to minimize downtime when a master database fails by keeping data online in High Availability configurations.

EDB Failover Manager provides the cluster health monitoring, node/database failure detection, and automatic failover mechanisms needed for integration into a variety of stringent 9’s high availability solutions.

Failover Manager solves this problem by providing a lightweight product with no single point of failure that is easy to install, configure and use.

Built upon technology introduced in Postgres Plus Cloud Database and proven and improved over multiple years.

Features include:

  • Application-transparent automatic failover from a downed master database to a promoted streaming replica standby database requiring no changes to your application code. The streaming replica may be in either warm or hot standby modes.
  • A witness node architecture to prevent false failovers and ‘split brain’ scenarios, in which two nodes in the cluster both ‘think’ they are the master, a situation that could otherwise lead to data corruption.
  • A variety of health checks guard against unnecessary or false failovers.
  • Multiple configurable failover detection and failover options, including manual failover by an administrator.
  • Configurable 'fencing' operations (by virtual IP or load balancers) ensure that failed nodes don't accidentally rejoin the HA cluster causing possible loss of data.
  • Automatic email notifications to alert the administrator of changes in cluster health conditions and keep the DBA informed at all stages of the failover process.
  • Controlled switchover and switchback for easier maintenence and disaster recovery tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can I manually trigger a failover?

Q. Can I turn off automatic failover in such a way that a DBA is notified in the event of a failure detection but have time to investigate and decide what to do?

Q. Are the timeouts for the cluster health checking configuration, i.e. can I set it to check every second?

Q. Which database servers and versions does EDB Failover Manager support?

Q. Is EDB Failover Manager free?

Q. How does EDB Failover Manager compare to pgpool, pgHA and repmgr?

Q. Can I do a manual switchover and switchback?

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Failover Manager 2.1 - What's New

• Controlled switchover and switchback for easier maintenence and disaster recovery tests 

• Additional hooks to trigger scripts to customize behavior based on your needs

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