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Designed for DBAs, IT Professionals, and Application Developers, our training courses are created and delivered by experienced PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server experts who will show you how to quickly manage your database responsibilities. Our certification program sets the global standard for Postgres professionals, and is definitive proof of your Postgres skills. Employers trust EDB certifications as industry-acknowledgement of Postgres proficiency and the ability to perform effectively.

We offer training in multiple, convenient formats: 

  • On Demand – standard e-Learning format allowing you to progress at your own pace
  • Live On-Line – scheduled courses conducted on-line, interactively with a live trainer;  open to the public
  • Private On-Line – instructor-led courses delivered live on-line but limited to specific customer attendees only and delivered on a date selected by the customer 
  • Classroom – scheduled, open-enrollment training at a specified location or event
  • On-Site – delivered on-premise at your company office location

Relevant and up-to date material and labs enable you to quickly put your new skills into practice in your own environment. All training includes modularized lessons, lecture, presentation copy, and real hands-on lab exercises.

You can find details on all of our training programs, certifications, and our full training catalog here on the web.


Download the EDB Postgres Training & Certification Overview data sheet: EDB Postgres Training Overview


Training Formats

On Demand/e-Learning

This standard e-Learning method of training allows you to progress and learn at your own pace.  A popular way to train – with e-Learning you can study Postgres anywhere & anytime you want.

On-demand courses are self-paced and can be taken anytime and from anywhere, allowing you to strengthen your Postgres skills when it is most convenient for you. You control the pace of your learning, and can start, stop, and review lessons whenever you want.  Learn and study Postgres with streaming lectures to your desktop or tablet with this easy to use format.

With no associated travel costs, you can train during the hours most convenient for your schedule, and at your one pace, without taking time away from work in case you are needed.  On-demand courses are the most cost-effective solution for enhancing your Postgres skills.

Live On-Line

The Live Online option for training combines the convenience of on-line training with the benefits of interacting with a live instructor.  You can train from anywhere at your convenience – from your home or office, and get trained by the same Postgres experts as our on-site classroom training, with the opportunity to interact directly for specific questions or additional detail on a topic.

Live On-Line Training Classes are open to the public and scheduled throughout the year in many different time zones, offering a convenient and cost-saving option for you to enhance the Postgres skills of you and your team.  Your distributed team members in multiple locations can all join the same training and benefit from the live instruction on-line.  We also offer a private live on-line option that is open to only members of your team and company.  

Private On-Line

Private live on-line training is similar to open enrollment public Live On-line training, but is only accessible to members of your team and company.  We will schedule a date for this live, on-line instructor-led training that is convenient for you and your team.  You can save significantly on travel costs and still have your regionally distributed teams attend the same training at the same time.  Added benefits include the opportunity to tailor the content to be most appropriate for your team – skipping topics where your team already has expertise, and focusing more time on course topic modules that are most important to you.


Classroom training is scheduled, open-enrollment training at a specified location or event.  EDB offers public classroom trainings at various Postgres conferences and at other designated locations across the globe. These classes are at a specific location on a set schedule, where you can sign up and attend on-site at the given location.  

Open Enrollment Classes offer many advantages including the opportunity to take training during or adjacent to a planned conference.  Training off-site at a specific location allows a dedicated focus to skill development with limited interruption. Individual team members can attend a course at a nearby class location or if attending a conference event, and trainees have the opportunity to meet classmates from different industries to share tips and lessons learned.

In addition, EDB has partnered with many world-class training organizations to offer a wide range of Postgres classes worldwide. Our global network of Certified Training Partners also provides cost-effective access to face-to-face training.


EDB offers on-site classroom training for its entire curriculum, delivered on-premise at your company office location.  Onsite training provides a comprehensive learning mode in which trainees learn from Postgres experts face to face getting help with hands-on practice and demonstrations.

With On-site training, you eliminate travel costs for your whole team, as an EnterpriseDB trainer will travel to your location.  Discussions with the trainer will be specific to your organizations questions for every topic, and modules can be reordered within the course to meet your unique needs.

If you want team training with your co-workers or a private training for yourself at your office, this is the best format for you. If your organization has a requirement to get 6 -12 employees trained for a particular course, EDB highly recommends private classroom training for your team.


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Our trainings are delivered by PostgreSQL experts, based upon years of best practices. Live Virtual Training, On-Demand/Self-Paced, and Classroom formats are available.

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