Packaged Services

Create a solid database foundation with a suite of packaged services performed by Postgres experts.

Together, our experts and your staff will establish an architecture that is maintainable, high performing, highly available, and safeguards your data. We can even augment your own DBA staff on a temporary or permanent basis. All packaged services are well defined, affordably priced, and executed in a timely and predictable fashion. And all our engagements end with effective knowledge transfer enabling your staff to own and maintain the work now and as your business grows.

Our popular Packaged Services:

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Postgres Training and Certification

EnterpriseDB provides Postgres training based upon years of best practices, delivered by Postgres experts.

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Video: Professional Services

EnterpriseDB offers an ecosystem of services to help ensure success with Postgres deployments. This short video provides an overview of our flexible implementation, production support, and training options.

Services Catalog

We offer a comprehensive collection of services to help our customers get the maximum value from their EDB product subscriptions. 

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