EnterpriseDB Tools for Performance, Scalability, High Availability, and Management

The EDB development team produces a suite of tools designed for large scale and mission critical enterprise performance, availability, scalability, security, and management. All EDB tools work with either community PostgreSQL or EDB™ Postgres Advanced Server.

What can EDB Tools do for you?

Monitor, manage, and tune large scale installations of Postgres from a single GUI console
Replicate data back and forth between Oracle® or Microsoft® SQL Server® and Postgres
Create highly available fault tolerant database clusters to minimize downtime
Simplify backup and recovery of Postgres and EDB™ Postgres Advanced Server databases
Merge, query, and edit geo-dispersed databases as one in near real time
Migrate databases from Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL to Postgres
Protect your database against SQL Injection attacks


Stop building, testing and fixing your own scripts or gathering tools from multiple open source projects with different release schedules and feature submission/support regimes. We build our tools specifically for enterprise requirements based on our customers' input, fit them together, release them together, and support them together. Much simpler.

For details, browse the tools below, then download EDB™ Postgres Advanced Server or PostgreSQL and try them.

Try EDB Tools...

  1. Download EDB™ Postgres Advanced Server
  2. After the database installs, run StackBuilder Plus
  3. Look for 'EnterpriseDB Tools'


  1. Download PostgreSQL
  2. After PostgreSQL installs, run StackBuilder
  3. Look for 'EnterpriseDB Tools'

Download Now...

EnterpriseDB Tools:


The only solution available to intelligently manage, monitor, and tune enterprise-wide Postgres installations from a single graphical console including the SQL Profiler, Capacity Manager and much more.

Single-master and multi-master configurations provide a variety of options for read/write scalability, availability, and performance solutions, as well as data integration with Oracle, SQL Server and Postgres.

Create fault tolerant database clusters to minimize downtime when a master database fails by keeping data online in your 9s high availability configurations.


Replace error-prone scripting and manual tasks with simple commands and a system-wide catalog. Remote and local Postgres database backup and disaster recovery becomes easy and trouble-free.

DBAs get centralized protection against multiple SQL injection attack techniques. SQL/Protect learns safe data access patterns, collects attack data, and integrates with Enterprise Manager alerts.

Fast, flexible and customized database migration from Oracle (including PL/SQL objects like stored procedures and triggers), SQL Server, Sybase, and MySQL to PostgreSQL and EDB™ Postgres  Advanced Server.

This tool eases a DBA's installation and maintenance burden by notifying you when maintenance and critical updates to any EDB components are available and then assists you in downloading and installing them.