EDB Migration Toolkit

Fast, flexible and customized database migration to PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server

Are you looking to migrate your database to Postgres or just want to test drive Postgres with your own data? If so, the EDB Migration Toolkit from EnterpriseDB was made for you. This powerful utility is full of options to make the task fast and customized to your needs.

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Product Highlights

  • Automated schema/data migration. Saves time, money and effort.
  • Online migration. Migrate your source database directly into PostgreSQL or Advanced Server making it available for immediate use.
  • Offline migration. Creates DDL scripts that can be edited and run at a later scheduled time.
  • Multiple database support. Ability to migrate from SQL Server*, Sybase*, or Oracle* to PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server.
  • Customize migrations. Specify whether or not to include table constraints/triggers/indices, manage bulk inserts, apply row filters, change datatypes inline, specify subsets of schema objects to migrate or all.
  • Fast data migration. Utilize parallel data movement techniques, bypass logging for faster data loads or use native connectivity to source database.

* Supported objects matrix below…

Object Oracle Sybase SQL Server MySQL
Schemas Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tables Yes Yes Yes Yes
     List-Partitioned tables Yes      
     Range-Partitioned tables Yes      
     Constraints Yes Yes Yes Yes
     Indexes Yes Yes Yes Yes
     Triggers Yes      
Table Data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Views Yes   Yes  
Packages Yes      
Procedures Yes      
Functions Yes      
Sequences Yes      
Users/Roles Yes      
Object types Yes      
Database Links Yes      


How do I try Migration Toolkit?

For Postgres Plus Advanced Server,  just download Advanced Server and run the installer. Make sure to check off Migration Toolkit on the Select Components screen.

For PostgreSQL, download PostgreSQL, run the installer, and when StackBuilder runs look under the Registration Required and Trial Products heading for EnterpriseDB Tools.

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