On-Demand/Self-Paced Training

Learn PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server anywhere & anytime you want!

EDB's On-demand/Self-paced courses can be taken anytime and from anywhere, allowing you to strengthen your Postgres skills when it is most convenient for you. There are no travel expenses, and no time away from work in case you are needed. You can start, stop and resume whenever you want.

On-Demand/Self-Paced courses:
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9.5 - Advanced PostgreSQL Administration - PostgreSQL Users Read More
PostgreSQL for Developers & Architects Read More
Backup and Recovery with Postgres Read More
Tuning and Maintenance for PostgreSQL Read More
Migrating Oracle Databases to EDB Postgres Advanced Server Read More
Replication for EDB Postgres Advanced Server Read More
EDB Postgres Advanced Server DBA Essentials Read More
EDB Postgres Advanced Server DBA Advanced Read More


Benefits of On-Demand Training

  • Content is available in a convenient online environment
  • Save money on travel and hotel costs
  • Eliminate time zone constraints
  • Train during or after work hours when its convenient for you
  • Learn at your own pace

Here's how our On-Demand/Self-Paced program works:

General Information

  • You will receive confirmation of your purchase and the training access information from trainingcoordinator@enterprisedb.com*
  • You will have access to the on-demand training material for six calendar weeks (42 days) from the date of your purchase
  • During that time, you can go through the material an unlimited number of times
  • You can pause and resume the video lessons at any time


  • Web browser with high-speed Internet access
  • Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 or greater

Included in our On-Demand Courses

  • A pre-recorded video course containing slides and voice instruction, with an interactive menu of topics so you can progress through modules in order or go straight to any module as needed.
  • Ability to start, stop and pause presentation at any point
  • A soft copy of the course material to keep and review anytime
  • Training completion e-certificate
  • An attempt to pass the Certification Exam** at no extra cost, if your chosen course includes an exam

Certificate and Exam

  • You will receive a Training Completion e-certificate once your 6 week access ends
  • If your on-demand training includes an exam, you will receive the access details for that exam
  • You can take the exam anytime within 6 weeks of receiving your access information


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*Registration processing may take up to 24 hours.

**Certification Exams will not be offered complimentary on any trainings purchased during discount offers.