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Learn why Infor, the world’s third-largest ERP vendor, partnered with EnterpriseDB to certify Postgres Plus Advanced Server for its leading enterprise product, Infor LN.

Infor joined the ranks of EnterpriseDB partners IBM, HP and Red Hat to provide their customers with an open source alternative to costly, proprietary databases that slashes costs by 80% or more.

Rising demand for the world’s most reliable open source database—Postgres—worldwide means a global network of independent software vendors, systems integrators and resellers is critical for meeting end user objectives.

Partnering with EnterpriseDB gives solution providers access to the most comprehensive ecosystem of software, services and expertise dedicated to ensuring end user success with Postgres. Reseller partners gain access to training, marketing resources, pricing packages and other benefits.

Partnering with EnterpriseDB means you:

  • Improve margins by dramatically reducing the cost of the database in your solution
  • Expand your reach in the marketplace with an open source based offering
  • Shorten your time to market with our standards-based, Oracle compatible database
  • Ensure your customers enjoy maximum enterprise-class performance
  • Deliver products that lower the overall TCO for your customers


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Infor Partners with EnterpriseDB

"By adding EnterpriseDB to our collaboration with Red Hat, we can now offer our customers the choice to standardize on best-of-breed open solutions without compromising performance or functionality."

Charles Phillips
CEO of Infor