xDB Replication FAQs

General FAQs

Q. What's the difference between Single Master Replication (SMR) and Multi-Master Replication (MMR) ?

Q. What are the main benefits of xDB Replication Server with Multi-Master support?

Q. Is xDB SMR a separate product from xDB MMR?

Q. What happens after the 60 day trial is over?

Q. Do I need to purchase a database subscription to use xDB?

Q. Do I need a Product Key to install xDB?

Q. How do I get Product Key?

Technical FAQs

Q. Is EDB Replication Server based on triggers ?

Q. Will the triggers delay the transactions on my production database?

Q. If replication is asynchronous, how will it ensure that all Master transactions are available on the Replica database?

Q. What if I loose my xDB control database?

Q. Can I use my secondary database for Load Balancing?

Q. What operating system platforms are supported?

Q.Will xDB replication cause performance degradation on my Primary Database?

Multi-Master Technical FAQs

Q. How many master nodes are supported?

Q. What database server platforms does xDB MMR support?

Q. What database server products does xDB MMR work with?

Q. What database server versions does xDB MMR work with?

Q. Is replication with Oracle® or Microsoft® SQL Server supported too?

Q. Can each master also participate in streaming replication?

Q. Does table size matter?

Q. Do replication tables need to have a primary key constraint?

Q. Are there any initial data load considerations?

Q. Can xDB MMR do everything that xDB SMR can do?

Q. Who created xDB and how is it licensed?