Executive Team

Ed Boyajian, President and Chief Executive Officer, EnterpriseDB

Ed Boyajian, President and CEO of EDB, drives the development and execution of EDB’s strategic vision and growth strategy in the database industry. Ed joined EDB in 2008 after six years at Red Hat, where he rose to Vice President and General Manager of North America. He played a central leadership role in the development of the modern business model for bringing open source to enterprises. Before that, he was Vice President of Red Hat's global OEM business, responsible for all partnerships, including the early Linux adoption by HP, IBM, and Dell.

As a 15-year veteran of the open source software movement, Ed is a seasoned enterprise software executive who emphasizes that EDB must be a technology-first business in order to lead the open source data management ecosystem. He is adamant that great technology above all else drives market leadership. Ed believes strongly in the importance of investing in partnerships across the open source and commercial software and hardware ecosystem. Ed served as a Captain in the U.S. Army and trained as an Airborne Ranger. Within EDB, he coaches and encourages each employee to hone leadership skills. Ed is known for his passion, relentless energy, and strategic leadership. Ed earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Boston University.

Paul Blondin, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Paul Blondin is EDB’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, Paul works closely with the senior executive team and board of directors to participate in strategic planning and forecasting. Paul oversees EDB’s financial controls and processes, which gives him unique insight into how and when EDB can penetrate new markets.  

Paul has more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in enterprise software. Before joining EDB, Paul was Managing Partner of KickStart Partners, LLC, a business advisory group to private equity investors and CEOs. Paul was previously an entrepreneur, having co-founded and led Pactolus Communication Software, which was sold in 2010. He held executive posts at IPHighway Ltd; Open Development Corp; and was President and CEO of the network security company Netect Ltd. until he engineered its sale in 1999. Paul also served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Open Development Corporation, which was sold in 1997, and CFO of Cascade Communications Corp. Paul earned his MBA from Babson College and a BS in accounting from Boston College.


Mike Huseman, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development

Mike Huseman is Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development. Mike’s responsibilities include direct sales, indirect channel sales, business development and strategic market initiatives. He has more than 25 years of executive-level experience building and managing field sales operations worldwide. Mike learned how to scale and run large organizations while at OpenText, HP Software, and IBM. During his tenure with these leading global technology companies, Mike identified the importance of people, systems and processes to scalable, high-growth organizations. Mike spent the early part of his career building and leading new teams for a series of start-ups and early stage software companies.

Mike has witnessed the financial and technology strain that legacy and proprietary systems place on a company’s ability to adapt to ever-changing technology, competition and customer expectations. Mike joined EDB to lead the effort of providing organizations of every size a successful path forward. Mike is a passionate, committed and high-energy executive who understands the value of great people, great processes and in-depth analysis when making decisions.  He is committed to customer success and gauges his own success by the success of those he serves. Mike received his BA from the University of Houston.

Marc Linster, Senior Vice President, Product Development

tom kincaid  

Marc Linster, Ph.D., is EDB’s Senior Vice President, Product Development and leads EDB’s engineering divisions and product development groups, as well as guides EDB’s professional services practices. Marc is committed to EDB being an accelerator to providing architectural “know how” to help customers take advantage of Postgres without significant risk and cost. Marc believes that although new customer adoption of open source is easier than the experience of purchasing proprietary options, tools are still incredibly important, and EDB’s professional services practices provides them.

Marc has an extensive background in engineering, technology and logistics with 20 years of management experience. Before joining EDB, Marc spent four years at Polycom, the leading maker of video communications equipment, where most recently he was a Senior Director, Engineering for Cloud and Hosted Solutions. Before Polycom, Marc was Co-founder and President of TriPoint Interactive, a global supply chain consulting and systems integration company. He spent six years at Avicon Group, first as CTO and then as Vice President of Operations. Marc is an avid equestrian. Marc holds a Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat) in Computer Sciences from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany. 

Keith Alsheimer, Chief Marketing Officer

Keith Alsheimer  

Keith Alsheimer is EDB’s Chief Marketing Officer and oversees sales development, corporate communications, product marketing, and brand management. Keith has more than 25 years of leadership experience in the enterprise and government sectors.

Keith served eight years as a Captain in the U.S. Army, where he held multiple positions of command. Keith prides himself on building great teams and empowering others to be successful. He believes that people will follow those they trust to get them to a good result, and that this applies both in the military and in business. Keith finds this dynamic to be extremely powerful, and has experienced that in high-performing teams, everyone has something to contribute to the result.

Prior to joining EDB, Keith founded eSpendwise, Inc. in 2000 and served as its CEO until the business was sold in 2012. Previously, Keith was Vice President of Marketing for a chemical manufacturing company where he pioneered the use of web-based software systems to transform sales and fulfillment operations. Keith holds a BA in engineering from Vanderbilt University.

Lenley Hensarling, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Strategy

Lenley Hensarling is EDB’s Senior Vice President of Product Management and Strategy. He contributes to EDB’s corporate vision and technology roadmap, while guiding the delivery of new product releases. Lenley has more than two decades of experience driving products in large enterprise technology organizations. Lenley admires corporate cultures that are relentless about reevaluating their current processes, positioning, and business model. At EDB, he believes that the Company’s sales and marketing teams are in a prime position to monetize open source better than other players.

Prior to joining EDB, Lenley worked at Oracle as the Group Vice President and GM of Oracle’s JD Edwards ERP business. Lenley joined Oracle by virtue of its acquisition of PeopleSoft. He previously had joined PeopleSoft through its merger with JD Edwards. Lenley was a Group Vice President at JD Edwards responsible for product management.  After his tenure at Oracle, he worked as a consultant for early stage companies, venture capitalists and private equity.  Lenley started his career as a software engineer, eventually working his way to Vice President of Engineering at Novell where he was responsible the Netware network operating system and for the first commercially successful Directory Service and identity management solution.

Lenley enjoys skiing and fly-fishing and volunteers for Project Healing Waters, which allows him the honor of taking veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars out for a day of fly-fishing. He also volunteers with the Wounded Warrior Project. Lenley received his BA in economics from the University of Texas at Austin.

Gerry Boucher, Senior Vice President, Global Services

Gerry Boucher is Senior Vice President of Global Services and manages EDB’s training and certification products and packaged services, as well as the professional team that provides intensive, customized customer programs. Gerry has driven his customer-focused career with a simple strategy of always looking from the “outside in.” He asks what his customers’ pain points are both in terms of technology and experience. His philosophy drives delivering value, not merely solving problems. Given EDB’s position as the largest transaction processor for the enterprise, as well as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant, Gerry believes strongly that EDB is in a position to become the leader of certification in the open source database management market.

Gerry joined EDB after several years advising technology startup companies as CEO and Founder of 3G Leadership Group. In 2009, Gerry ended a five-year tenure at Equallogic as Vice President of Customer Service when the Company was acquired by Dell. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Customer Operations at Sandial Systems. He held leadership roles in customer and professional services at Ellacoya Networks, Castle Networks, and Cascade Communications. He began his career as a systems analyst/engineer, working for HP and Digital Equipment.