Postgres Deployment Services

Postgres Training and Consulting Bundled to Match Your Needs

Postgres users have a wide range of support and training needs based on experience, team size and stage of deployment.

The first-time user who is evaluating Postgres needs introductory training and help mapping Postgres capabilities to their organization’s environment and demands. A technical lead rolling Postgres out across an organization with multiple databases managed by a mix of experienced and first-time users has a very different set of needs.

EDB has created a series of services packages that bundle training modules and consulting to match the demands enterprises encounter as they adopt and expand Postgres.

The Postgres Deployment Services and the user populations they are designed to support are:  

Postgres Evaluation Support Kit

New to Postgres? This is for users evaluating Postgres in pre-production or just beginning deployment. The Postgres Evaluation Support Kit pairs training with remote consulting hours for how-to questions, architecture advice, and training follow up.

Postgres Kick Start

End users developing and deploying their first Postgres database get expanded access to targeted on-demand training and more hours of remote consulting. Postgres Kick Start also has a Developer option with targeted training and flexible remote consulting.

Postgres Group Success

Assembling your developers and database administrators to work with your first Postgres database? Get multiple licenses for on-demand training and remote consulting. This package is targeted toward smaller teams of two to four DBAs or developers.

Postgres Team Success

Organizations assembling groups of developers and database administrators to support Postgres in production get multiple licenses for on-demand training access, and significantly more hours of remote consulting. Note: This package also comes with an option to tap our RemoteDBA services — from ongoing database monitoring and maintenance, to upgrade management and strategic planning.

Postgres Enterprise Enablement

Enterprises making a strategic Postgres commitment—and in need of a fast ramp-up—will benefit from this package’s tailored training programs, Developer Subscriptions, and as-needed consulting advice.

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Video: Professional Services

EnterpriseDB offers an ecosystem of services to help ensure success with Postgres deployments. This short video provides an overview of our flexible implementation, production support, and training options.

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