Database Cost Savings with Open Source

EnterpriseDB White Paper

Optimizing Open Source for Greater Database Savings and Control

Postgres, an open source database technology, now supports mision-critical applications at enterprises worldwide. Replacing more expensive proprietary database solutions, PostgreSQL has gained widespread acceptance as the leading open source database.

The new enterprise data center model calls for Postgres databases and proprietary solutions to co-exist, enabling database administrators to deploy open source PostgreSQL databases for a range of workloads, and retire or reallocate more costly licenses. But many CIOs are hesitant to make database changes due to uncertainty about the time it could take, the money it could cost, and the risks of disruptions and unforeseen performance issues.

Postrgres Plus Advanced Server by EnterpriseDB (EDB) extends open source PostgreSQL with the performance, manageability and security enhancements that global enterprises require. This white paper reveals how Postgres Plus can:

  • Support at least 80% of enterprise applications
  • Cut database costs by up to 80% or 90%
  • Seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructures with Oracle compatibility
  • Divert spend away from Oracle or other proprietary providers and toward more strategic initiatives
  • And more

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